What do you need from Social Media? (one-million-dollar Question!)

Do you want to build your brand, make more sales, grow your market or audience? How about accelerating your engagement to your audience or drive them to your website? Choose great combinations of these goals. Otherwise, you prefer taking one step at a time and go for a simple strategy. So easy to win it every single day! Also, decide which audience your social media marketing must focus on and which platform is the best for the business.

Decisions without proper basis are bad news for marketers. If social media is well-planned, then social media marketing of your business will start making sense. Do it the Domani Digital way!


Start Creating Content

It is good practice to pile as much quality and engaging social content (videos, graphics, blogs, etc) as possible. Have a pretty good marketing strategy when to publish. Post them in themes, inject relevant stories and posts, or invest in short-form videos (another booming content today.)

No surprises here. Domani Digital can deliver your social media marketing needs that will make your online presence stunning.

Monitor Your Social Media

Assess what’s working and what isn’t. Adapt to changes, current trends, or any relevant events that may bring impact to the social media. On a regular basis, conduct an analytics. Pretty cool that internet-based social media tools are available today to have a view of how social media content performs. Monitoring the metrics in real-time allows making minor tweaks than taking time to make massive changes. Sounds tedious? Don’t worry.

Sounds tedious? Don’t worry. Discover what your social media can be with Domani Digital.


Of marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business.

People use social media worldwide


Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.


Inbound marketing using content has a higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.


Social marketing for small businesses has allowed companies to acquir customers from Facebook: B2C is 77% – B2B is 43%.


of marketers used social media advertising in 2020 and ranked it as 2nd in success next to search engine marketing.


“Domani Digital is doing a great job when they are running all hands for SellerKai. It shows their capabilities of audience engagement by actively maintaining and producing awesome contents for our social media platforms. I admire the passion and creativity of the team. Keep it up! “

Almar Caluyo

Customer Support Director, SELLLERKAI

“Working with them (Domani) is awesome! I really appreciate their personalized work on each of the project that we collaborated with. They open up ideas on each of the projects (DIY, 24 inquiry removal, Late payment Removal, Bankruptcy(Soon) and make sure that they take care of it by placing graphics and bringing colors to life with efficiency and effectiveness.”

Nikko Shawn Garcia

Credit Repair Specialist 1, Capital Beez Finance LLC

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